Saheefa Sajjadeeyah

the Supplication of imam sajjad 

4) His Supplication (A.S)in Calling down Blessings upon the Bearers of the
Throne and Every Angel Brought Nigh

O ALLAH,as for the Bearers of Thy Throne,who never flag in glorifying Thee, never become weary of calling Thee
holy, never tire of worshiping Thee, never prefer curtailment over diligence in Thy command,and are never
heedless of passionate love for Thee; And Seraphiel,the Owner of the Trumpet,fixed in his gaze,awaiting Thy
permission and the descent of the Command,that he may arouse through the Blast the hostages thrown down
in the graves; And Michael,possessor of standing with Thee and a raised up place in Thy obedience; And
Gabriel,entrusted with Thy revelation, obeyed by the inhabitants of Thy heavens, distinguished in Thy
Presence,brought nigh to Thee; and the spirit who is over the angels of the veils; and the spirit who is of Thy
command bless them and the angels below them: the residents in Thy heavens, those entrusted with Thy
messages, those who become not wearied by perseverance, or exhausted and flagged by toil, whom passions
distract not from glorifying Thee,and whose magnification of Thee is never cut off by the inattention of heedless
moments; their eyes lowered,they do not attempt to look at Thee; their chins bowed,they have long desired
what is with Thee; unrestrained in mentioning Thy boons, they remain humble before Thy mightiness and the
majesty of Thy magnificence; and those who say when they look upon GEHENNAM roaring over the people
who disobeyed Thee:'Glory be to Thee! ,we have not worshiped Thee with the worship Thou deservest!' Bless
them,and Thy angels who are the Reposeful, those of proximity to Thee, those who carry the unseen to Thy
messengers, those entrusted with Thy revelation, the tribes of angels whom Thou hast singled out for Thyself,
freed from need for food and drink by their calling Thee holy,and made to dwell inside Thy heavens' layers,
those who will stand upon the heavens' borders when the Command descends to complete Thy promise, the
keepers of the rain,the drivers of the clouds, him at whose driving's sound is heard the rolling of thunder,and
when the reverberating clouds swim before his driving,bolts of lightning flash; the escorts of snow and hail, the
descenders with the drops of rain when they fall, the watchers over the treasuries of the winds, those charged
with the mountains lest they disappear, those whom Thou hast taught the weights of the waters and the
measures contained by torrents and masses of rain; the angels who are Thy messengers to the people of the
earth with the disliked affliction that comes down and the beloved ease; the devoted,noble scribes, the
watchers,noble writers, the angel of death and his helpers, RUMAN,the tester in the graves, the circlers of the
Inhabited House, MAALIK and the guardians, RIZ''WAAN and the gatekeepers of the gardens, those )who
disobey not ALLAH in what He commands them and do what they are commanded(; those who say,)Peace be
upon you,for that you were patient and fair is the Ultimate Abode(; the ZABANEEYA,who,when it is said to
them:)take him,and jetter him,then roast him in hell( ,hasten to accomplish it,nor do they give him any respite;
him whom we have failed to mention,not knowing his place with Thee,nor with which command Thou hast
charged him; and the residents in the air,the earth,and the water,and those of them charged over the creatures;
bless them on the day when every soul will come,with it a driver and a witness, and bless them with a blessing
that will add honor to their honor and purity to their purity.
O ALLAH,and when Thou blessest Thy angels and Thy messengers and Thou extendest our blessings to
them,bless us through the good words about them which Thou hast opened up for us!Thou art
اللهم صلي علي محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم و العن اعدائهم
Saheefa Sajjadeeyah
the Supplication of imam sajjad
4) His Supplication (A.S)in Calling down Blessings upon the Bearers of the Throne and Every Angel Brought Nigh
Supplication imam sajjad in Calling down Blessings upon the Bearers of the Throne and Every Angel Brought Nigh
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