Saheefa Sajjadeeyah

the Supplication of imam sajjad 

33) His Supplication (A.S) for himself in Confessing Sins after Finishing the
Night Prayer

O ALLAH,O Possessor of kingdom perpetual in everlastingness, authority invincible without armies or helpers,
might abiding through aeons past,years gone by,times and days elapsed! Thy authority is mighty with a might
that knows no bound by being first nor utmost end by being last! Thy kingdom towers high with a towering
before which all things fall down without reaching its term; the least of it which Thou hast kept to Thyself is not
reached by the furthest description of the describers! Attributes go astray in Thee, descriptions fall apart below
Thee, the subtlest of imaginations are bewildered by Thy magnificence! So art Thou:ALLAH,the First in Thy
firstness,and so art Thou everlastingly Thou dost not pass away.
But I am the slave, feeble in works, immense in hopes.
The tying links are outside my hand,except what is tied by Thy mercy; the bonds of hopes have been cut away
from me,except the pardon to which I hold fast.
Little on my part is the obedience toward Thee upon which I count,and great against me the disobedience
toward Thee to which I have reverted.
But pardoning Thy slave will not constrain Thee,even if he be bad,so pardon me! Thy knowledge watches over
hidden works, every covered thing is exposed before Thy awareness, the intricacies of things are not concealed
from Thee, and unseen mysteries slip not away from Thee.
But over me Thy enemy has gained mastery:He asked a delay from Thee to lead me astray,and Thou gavest
him the delay!He asked a respite from Thee until the Day of Doom to misguide me,and Thou gavest him the
respite! So he threw me down,though I had fled to Thee from small,ruinous sins and great,deadly works,
until,when I had yielded to disobeying Thee and merited Thy anger through my bad efforts,he turned the bridle
of his treachery away from me, met me with the word of his ingratitude, undertook to be quit of me,turned his
back to flee from me, threw me to the desert of Thy wrath alone,and sent me as an outcast into the courtyard
of Thy vengeance.
There is no intercessor to intercede for me with Thee, no protector to make me feel secure against Thee, no
fortress to veil me from Thee, no shelter in which to seek asylum apart from Thee! This is the station of him
who takes refuge with Thee,the place of the confessor to Thee:Let not Thy bounty be too narrow for me, let not
Thy pardon fall short of me! Let me not be the most disappointed of Thy repentant servants, nor the most
despairing of those who come to Thee with expectations!Forgive me,surely Thou art the best of the forgivers!
Thou commanded me,and I refrained, Thou prohibited me,and I committed.
Evil thoughts tempted me to offend,and I was negligent.
I can not call upon daytime to witness my fasting, nor can I seek sanctuary in night because of my vigil; no
SUNNA praises me for keeping it alive,only Thy obligations,he who neglects which has perished.
I can not seek access to Thee through the excellence of a supererogatory work,given the many duties of Thy
obligations of which I have been heedless and the stations of Thy bounds which I have transgressed,thereby
violating sacred things and committing great sins,though Thou hast given me safety from their disgraces as a
This is the station of him who is ashamed of himself before Thee,angry with himself,and satisfied with Thee.
He meets Thee with a humble soul, a neck bent down, a back heavy with offenses, hesitating between longing
for Thee and fear of Thee.
Thou art the most worthy of those in whom he might hope, the most deserving for him to dread and fear.
So give me,my Lord,what I hope for, make me secure against what frightens me,and act kindly toward me with
the kindly act of mercy!Surely Thou art the most generous of those from whom are asked O ALLAH,since Thou
hast covered me with Thy pardon and shielded me with Thy bounty in the abode of annihilation and the
presence of equals, grant me sanctuary from the disgraces of the Abode of Subsistence at the standing places
of the Witnesses )the angels brought nigh, the messengers honored, the martyrs,the righteous( before the
neighbor from whom I have hidden my evil deeds and the womb relative before whom I feel ashamed in my
secret thoughts! I trust them not,my Lord,to cover me over, but I trust Thee,my Lord,to forgive me! Thou art the
most worthy of those in whom confidence is had, the most giving of those who are besought,and the most
clement of those from whom mercy is asked.
so have mercy upon me!
O ALLAH,Thou caused me to descend as mean water from loins of narrow bones and tight passages into a
constricted womb which Thou hadst covered with veils; Thou turned me about from state to state until Thou
tookest me to the completion of the form fixed within me the bodily parts, as Thou hast described in Thy Book: )
a drop,then a clot,then a tissue,then bones,then Thou garmented the bones with flesh,then Thou produced me
as another creature as Thou willed.
Then,when I needed Thy provision,and could not do without the aid of Thy bounty, Thou appointed for me a
nourishment from the bounty of the food and drink which Thou bestowed upon Thy handmaid in whose belly
Thou gavest me to rest and in the lodging of whose womb Thou deposited me.
Hadst Thou entrusted me in those states,my Lord,to my own force or driven me to have recourse to my own
strength, force would have been removed from me and strength taken far away.
So Thou hast fed me through Thy bounty with the food of the Good,the Gentle; Thou hast done that for me in
graciousness toward me up to this my present point.
I do not lack Thy goodness, nor does Thy benefaction keep me waiting.
Yet with all that,my trust has not become firm enough that I might free myself for that which is more favored by
SATAN has taken possession of my reins through my distrust and frail certainty.
I complain of his evil neighborhood with me and my soul's obedience toward him!I ask Thee to preserve me
against his domination, and I plead with Thee to turn his trickery away from me! I ask Thee to make the path to
my provision easy, since to Thee belongs praise for Thy beginning with immense favors and Thy inspiring
gratitude for beneficence and bestowing favor!Bless MUHAMMAD and his Household,and make the way to my
provision easy for me!] I ask Thee[to make me content with Thy ordainment for me, to make me satisfied with
my lot in that which Thou hast apportioned for me and to place what has gone of my body and my life-span into
the path of Thy obedience!Surely Thou art the Best of providers! O ALLAH,I seek refuge in Thee from the Fire
through which Thou art harsh toward him who disobeys Thee and by which Thou hast threatened him who
turns away from Thy good pleasure; from the Fire whose light is darkness, whose ease is pain,and whose far is
near; from the Fire parts of which devour parts and parts of which leap upon parts; from the Fire which leaves
bones decayed and lets its people drink boiling water; from the Fire which 'does not spare him who pleads to it,
has no mercy on him who seeks sympathy from it, and has no power to relieve him who humbles himself before
it and yields himself to it; it meets its inhabitants with the hottest that it possesses:painful punishment and
intense noxiousness.
I seek refuge in Thee from its gaping-jawed scorpions, its scraping-toothed serpents, and its drinks,which tear
apart the intestines and hearts of its inhabitants and root out their marrows.
I ask guidance from Thee to that which will keep far from it and make it retreat! O ALLAH,bless MUHAMMAD and
his Household, grant me sanctuary from it through the bounty of Thy mercy, release me from my stumbles
through Thy good releasing,and abandon me not,O Best of the sanctuary-granters! O ALLAH,Thou protectest
from the disliked, givest the good, dost what Thou wilt,and Thou art powerful over everything.
bless MUHAMMAD and his Household when the pious are mentioned and bless MUHAMMAD and his Household
as long as night and day come and go with a blessing whose replenishment is never cut off and whose number
can not be counted, a blessing that will fill up the air and crowd the earth and the heaven! O ALLAH bless him
until he is well pleased and O ALLAH bless him and his Household after good pleasure with a blessing that has
neither bound nor utmost limit!O Most Merciful of the merciful
اللهم صلي علي محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم و العن اعدائهم
Saheefa Sajjadeeyah
the Supplication of imam sajjad
33) His Supplication (A.S) for himself in Confessing Sins after Finishing the Night Prayer
Supplication imam sajjad  for himself in Confessing Sins after Finishing the Night Prayer
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