Saheefa Sajjadeeyah

the Supplication of imam sajjad 

2) When he (A.S)began to supplicate,he would begin with Praise And
Laudation Of Allah(Mighty and Majestic is He) .he would say

Praise belongs to ALLAH,the First,without a first before Him,the Last,without a last behind Him.
Beholders' eyes fell short of seeing Him,describers' imaginations are not able to depict Him.
He originated the creatures through His power with an origination, He devised them in accordance with His will
with a devising.
Then He made them walk on the path of His desire,He sent them out on the way of His love.
They can not keep back from that to which He has sent them forward,nor can they go forward to that from
which He has kept them back.
He assigned from His provision to each of their spirits a nourishment known and apportioned.
No decreaser decreases those whom He increases,no increaser increases those of them whom He decreases.
Then for each spirit He strikes a fixed term in life,for each He sets up a determined end; he walks toward it
through the days of his span,he overtakes it through the years of his time.
Then,when he takes his final stepand embraces the reckoning of his span, O ALLAH seizes him to the
abundant reward or the feared punishment to which He has called him, )That He may repay those who do evil
for what they have done and repay those who do good with goodness( ,as justice from Him holy are His
names,and manifest His boons.
)He shall not be questioned as to what He does,but they shall be questioned(.
Praise belongs to ALLAH,for,had He withheld from His servants the knowledge to praise Him for the
uninterrupted kindnesses with which He has tried them and the manifest favors which He has lavished upon
them,they would have moved about in His kindnesses without praising Him,and spread themselves out in His
provision without thanking Him.
Had such been the case,they would have left the bounds of humanity for that of beastliness and become as He
has described in the firm text of His Book: )They are but as the cattle-nay,but they are further astray from the
O Praise belongs to ALLAH,for the true knowledge of Himself He has given to us,the thanksgiving He has
inspired us to offer Him,the doors to knowing His Lordship He has opened for us, the sincerity towards Him in
professing His Unity to which He has led us,and the deviation and doubt in His Command from which He has
turned us aside; a praise through which we may be given long life among those of His creatures who praise
Him,and overtake those who have gone ahead toward His good pleasure and pardon; a praise through which He
will illuminate for us the shadows of the interworld,ease for us the path of the Resurrection,and raise up our
stations at the standing places of the Witnesses )on the day when every soul will be repaid for that it has
earned they shall not be wronged; ()the day a master shall avail nothing a client,and they shall not be helped(; a
praise which will rise up from us to the highest of the ' ILLEEYOON )in a book inscribed,witnessed by those
brought nigh(, a praise whereby our eyes may be at rest when sight is dazzled,our faces whitened when skins
are blackened, a praise through which we may be released from ALLAH's painful Fire and enter ALLAH's
generous neighborhood, a praise by which we may jostle the angels brought nigh and join the prophets,the
envoys,in a House of Permanence that does not remove,the Place of His Generosity that does not change.
Praise belongs to ALLAH,who chose for us the good qualities of creation,granted us the agreeable things of
provision, and appointed for us excellence through domination over all creation;every one of His creatures
submits to us through His power,and comes to obey us through His might.
Praise belongs to ALLAH,who locked for us the gate of need except toward Him.
So how can we praise Him?When can we thank Him?Indeed,when? Praise belongs to ALLAH,who placed
within us the organs of expansion,assigned for us the agents of contraction, gave us to enjoy the spirits of
life,fixed within us the limbs of works,nourished us with the agreeable things of provision,freed us from need
through His bounty,and gave us possessions through His kindness.
Then He commanded us that He might test our obedience and prohibited us that He might try our thanksgiving.
So we turned against the path of His commandments and mounted the backs of His warnings.
Yet He hurried us not to His punishment,nor hastened us on to His vengeance.
No,He went slowly with us through His mercy,in generosity,and awaited our return through His clemency,in
Praise belongs to ALLAH,who showed us the way to repentance,which we would not have won save through
His bounty.
Had we nothing to count as His bounty but this,His trial of us would have been good,His beneficence toward us
great,His bounty upon us immense.
For such was not His wont in repentance with those who went before us.
He has lifted up from us What we have not the strength to bear, charged us only to our capacity,imposed upon
us nothing but ease,and left none of us with an argument or excuse.
So the perisher among us is he who perishes in spite of Him and the felicitous among us he who beseeches
And praise belongs to ALLAH with all the praises of His angels closest to Him,His creatures most noble in His
eyes,and His praisers most pleasing to Him; a praise that may surpass other praises as our Lord surpasses all
His creatures.
Then to Him belongs praise, in place of His every favor upon us,and upon all His servants,past and still
remaining,to the number of all things His knowledge encompasses, and in place of each of His favors,their
number doubling and redoubling always and forever,to the Day of Resurrection; a praise whose bound has no
utmost end, whose number has no reckoning, whose limit can not be reached, whose period can not be cut off;
a praise which will become a link to His obedience and pardon, a tie to His good pleasure, a means to His
forgiveness, a path to His Garden, a protector against His vengeance, a security against His wrath, an aid to
obeying Him, a barrier against disobeying Him, a help in fulfilling His right and His duties; a praise that will
make us felicitous among His felicitous friends,and bring us into the ranks of those martyred by the swords of
His enemies.
He is a Friend,Praiseworthy
اللهم صلي علي محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم و العن اعدائهم
Saheefa Sajjadeeyah
the Supplication of imam sajjad
2) When he (A.S)began to supplicate,he would begin with Praise And Laudation Of Allah(Mighty and Majestic is He) .he would say
When imam sajjad began to supplicate,he would begin with Praise And Laudation Of Allah(Mighty and Majestic is He) .he would say
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